1. Dr. Tamara Robbins to join RCHC Medical Staff in January 2021

    For Immediate Release

    Atwood, KS – Rawlins County Health Center is proud to announce that Tamara Robbins, MD, will begin her Atwood practice in January 2021. Dr. Robbins and her family will be moving to Rawlins County from northeastern Indiana.

    Dr. Robbins is board certified in family medicine, receiving her medical degree from Indiana University School of Medicine. She completed her residency in family medicine and proudly serves her current community, not only as a physician, but as an elected County Commissioner as well.

    “I grew up in a rural, farming community, so I know and appreciate the value of hard work,” said Dr. Robbins. “I look forward to the opportunity of providing exceptional, personalized healthcare that every Rawlins County resident deserves.”

    Dr. Robbins’ has been honored four times by her local newspaper as one of “Wells County’s Best Family Physicians” in its annual Readers’ Choice Awards.

    “The hospital and board are thrilled to bring a medical doctor back to Rawlins County – a development the community has anticipated for a number of years,” said Dr. Ron Robinson, RCHC CEO. “Dr. Robbins will make a wonderful addition to our medical staff as she provides comprehensive family medical care to this area. I truly believe she is a good fit for our community. Dr. Robbins will initially practice part-time here, and part-time in Goodland. Our vision is for her Atwood practice to rapidly build to full-time.”

    Dr. Robbins will join Mary Wilkinson, DC, FNP in the traditional clinic schedule. Jason Kearns, PA-C, Jose Renteria, ACNP, Paul Young, PA-C, and Brian Holgrem, PA-C will work on a rotating block schedule of four days on and eight days off while they also cover the emergency room. Dr. Travis Daise will remain on the medical staff during the transition to Dr. Robbins’ new practice.

    Media Release
    October 6, 2020
    Media Contact
    Suzanna Koel 785-626-3211 ext. 220

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  2. Kinsa Thermometer Project


    Thanks to funding from the ACE Foundation and the Dane G. Hansen Foundation, Rawlins County Health Center and Rawlins County Public Health Department are excited to provide Kinsa Thermometers to the Rawlins County Community.

    Once you download the Kinsa app, these smart thermometers can provide aggregate data of fevers to the hospital and public health of temperatures rising in the county. This information does not provide demographic data to the hospital or public health.

    If you are a community member interested in a thermometer for your household, you can receive one at the Rawlins County Public Health Department or Rawlins County Health Center during regular business hours.


    To view the press release regarding the Kinsa Thermometer Project click here.

  3. RCHC April 2020 Newsletter

    The Rawlins County Health Center (RCHC) publishes a monthly newsletter with current information about our hospital, clinics, and community.

    Full Newsletter

  4. COVID-19 Information

    Rawlins County Health Center wants our community to rest assured that our team has a plan in place to provide care in regards to COVID-19.  Our hospital leaders have been working closely with our staff, the Rawlins County Public Health Department, Rawlins County EMS, and Atwood Good Sam to provide education and implement the best care to our patients.  It is important to remember to stay home if you are sick, practice proper handwashing, and implement good respiratory hygiene practices to help protect yourself and your loved ones from respiratory illness.

    If you have any specific questions regarding COVID-19 please feel free to reach out to the Rawlins County Public Health Department at (785) 626-3968. For more information and daily updates about COVID-19, please check the Kansas Department of Health and Environment’s website at http://www.kdheks.gov/ or the CDC’s website at https://www.cdc.gov/.

    Also, if you or a loved one is experiencing any respiratory illness symptoms and would like to see a provider, please call the Rawlins Clinic – Atwood at 785-626-3241 and a Patient Service Representative will ask you a series of questions and then instruct you on what you need to do further.

  5. RCHC March 2020 Newsletter

    The Rawlins County Health Center (RCHC) publishes a monthly newsletter with current information about our hospital, clinics, and community.

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  6. RCHC February 2020 Newsletter

    The Rawlins County Health Center (RCHC) publishes a monthly newsletter with current information about our hospital, clinics, and community.

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  7. Rawlins County Health Center Adds Telebehavioral Health in January

    Atwood, KS – January 14, 2020 – Rawlins County Health Center is excited to announce the addition of telebehavioral health in its specialty clinic. It started January 9, 2020. Rawlins County Health Center is one of 10 sites in The University of Kansas Health System’s Care Collaborative that is participating in an outpatient telebehavioral health network to further support rural primary care needs by extending scarce specialty resources across Kansas. Read more here: Press Release

  8. April 2019 Town Hall Notes

    On April 17, 2019, Rawlins County Health Center hosted a town hall meeting consisting of thirty-three people to discuss physician recruitment and retention. There was a lot of great discussion from community members. The next quarterly town hall meeting will discuss Business Development.

    April 2017 Town Hall Notes

  9. Hospital PAs Kyle, Barb Herspring to move in June

    Kyle and Barb Herspring, physician assistants at Rawlins County Health Center will be leaving the Atwood Community and relocating to Wichita sometime in June 2019.

    “We thank both Kyle and Barb for helping to build a great system of care for the community, and we understand the value and appreciate the need for the Hersprings’s to focus on the importance of family first,” remarked Ron Robinson, CEO.

    For here for the full press release.