Rawlins County Health Center has been working hard to stay on top of new developments in COVID-19, also referred to as the coronavirus. We want our community to rest assured that we have been working alongside the Rawlins County Public Health Department to continually update our plan in place to meet changing conditions and information about the virus. This being said, we want to encourage our community by giving you several ways that you can promote personal health and the health of your family to help prevent the virus from spreading throughout our community. 

By this point, we have all heard about social distancing, and the importance of not gathering in groups in order to help slow the spread of the disease. It is on you to follow the state-wide stay at home orders and only make trips out of the house for essential items. From a personal health perspective, here are several more things you can be doing. 

1. Frequently Wash Hands

When washing your hands, it is important to wash them for at least 20 seconds to clean all of the bacteria off. The most important times to wash your hands are after being in public, or after touching your phone or laptop. Hand sanitizer can also be effective if it contains at least 60% alcohol. 

2. Avoid Touching Face

COVID-19 enters through your airways, so it is important to keep your hands away from your face as much as possible. The virus can stay on surfaces for up to 72 hours, so if you were to touch a shopping cart handle and later itch your nose, you could be giving the virus the exact opportunity it needs to enter your body. 

3. Cover Your Coughs and Sneezes

It is extremely important to cover your coughs and sneezes with a tissue. If you are in public, a face mask will be even more effective. If you are at home, immediately discard the used tissue and wash your hands thoroughly. COVID 19 is carried through air droplets, and can stay on a surface that you sneeze on for several days. 

4. Self Quarantine When Sick

If you are feeling ill, we recommend self-quarantining. If you are experiencing respiratory illness symptoms and would like to speak with a provider, we invite you to call the Rawlins Clinic at 785-626-3241.  We will ask you several questions and then instruct you on the next steps.