October is National Physical Therapy Month—there’s no better time to celebrate the benefits that physical therapy can have for your body and your health!

In this blog, the Atwood medical center team at Rawlins County Health Center will outline the benefits of physical therapy. These benefits don’t just help you in the short term—you’ll feel much better and healthier in the long run as well!

Pain Reduction

Therapeutic exercises are an excellent form of pain relief, especially when they mobilize and strengthen soft tissue in the body. These exercises, paired with electrical stimulation, can reduce and even eliminate pain for better joint function!

Improved Mobility

It doesn’t matter if you’re 16 or 60—if you have mobility issues and have trouble standing, sitting, walking, or performing other normal movements during the day, physical therapy can be hugely beneficial. The movements performed in physical therapy can simultaneously stretch and strengthen muscles, improving your range of motion and helping you move better than ever before. For older folks, physical therapy can improve mobility and strength to the point that they can avoid using canes, crutches, or other assisting devices. With some hard work in physical therapy, you can move better than you have in years!

Faster Recovery

For high-performing athletes, physical therapy can be very helpful for recovery between games, a full-on recovery from an injury, or prevention of a likely injury. In any sport, there are certain injuries that are more likely to occur than others. Physical therapy can help strengthen joints and muscle groups that are more likely to be injured, and can ensure a speedier recovery if any of these injuries occur.

Better Balance

Physical therapy is an excellent way to improve your balance, especially if you’re at a higher risk for falls. Every person who enters physical is tested to see if they are a “fall risk”—this ensures that everyone is safe during the physical therapy process. Once physical therapists determine your fall risk and your balancing skills, they can use balance exercises that mimic real-life scenarios to help you stay safe in the real world. These exercises will gradually improve your balance, which can help you with everyday activities, sports, and tricky, treacherous walking or hiking situations.

Physical Therapy With Rawlins County Health Center

If you’re in need of physical therapy for any reason, you’ve come to the right place! The professionals at our Atwood medical center can help you reduce your risk for injury, improve your mobility, and help you live a better life. Schedule an appointment today!