The Rawlins County Health Center is in the process of creating a new Central Sterile area in the facility and the Rawlins County Hospital Foundation saw a way they may be able to help.  Along with funding from the 2012 Capital Campaign, there was the talk of a possibility of finding some funding through grants, specifically a grant from the Dane G. Hansen Foundation.

“There is a lot of critical equipment that carries a pretty hefty price tag,” said Suzanna Dozbaba, RCHC Marketing/Foundation Manager. She continued, “We felt as though we had a great chance at finding some funding to help with that cost.”  The Central Sterile Area in the Health Center will be used by the entire facility and the completion of the area will also mean the use of the new Operating Suite that was completed last year.

“We are looking forward to retiring the outdated operating and central sterile areas,” said Mary Clark, RN, Pharmacy and Surgical Nurse, “We’ve worked hard to continue using the extremely outdated area but the time saved in the new spaces will be amazing. The improvements on both the patient and staff sides will be noticeable.”  The new Central Sterile Area began construction this week and should be finished this fall.

The Rawlins County Hospital Foundation and the Rawlins County Health Center are grateful for the $100,000 awarded to them to go towards the equipment.  “We are feeling blessed right now and don’t take the decision lightly.  There are a lot of worthy causes out there and we are grateful that the Dane G. Hansen Foundation saw the need we had here and awarded us with so much financial help for the project,” said Dozbaba.

The Dane G. Hansen Foundation was established as a charitable organization in 1965, with the primary goal of making the communities of Northwest Kansas better places to live. You can learn more about the Dane G. Hansen Foundation at and about the Rawlins County Health Center and the Rawlins County Hospital Foundation