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  4. Common Reasons You Might Visit Urgent Care This Winter

    As the weather cools down here in Rawlins County, we’re keeping plenty busy at the Health Center. During this chilly season, our urgent care center sees a large increase in specific kinds of accidents, injuries, and illnesses. Curious as to what brings our patients to urgent care in the winter? Take a look at these common reasons.

    Slips, Trips, and Falls

    Yes, one of the most common causes of injury during the winter is from falling, tripping, or slipping. We get more than our fair share of icy covered walkways and roads here in Atwood. Add the fact that it gets darker earlier in the winter, and it makes it hard to pick out icy spots while you’re out walking the dog in the evening. While a simple fall may not sound like much, it can have serious effects in some cases. More than just sprained ankles, you can injure your back, hit your head, or dislocate a joint if you land awkwardly. To avoid slipping this winter, we suggest wearing footwear with an aggressively textured sole, traction devices, or thoroughly deicing the walkways around your home. Wearing a headlamp at night is also a great safety measure.

    We also see a lot of fall injuries resulting from people hanging holiday lights. It should go without saying that you should always have someone at the base of the ladder to spot you while you’re working on hanging the lights. This helps to keep the ladder stable, and in the event of a fall, you have someone to get you help right away.

    Muscle Problems

    When the weather gets colder, some of us begin to limit our activities, or we change which activities we do. As a result, muscle injuries are very common during the winter, and they often occur in response to seemingly mundane activities. We frequently have patients come in who have thrown out their back while shoveling their driveways and scraping ice off of their windshields.

    Muscle injuries are the result of sudden, violent, or twisting motions that you’re not used to making. We encourage you to be cautious in how you move this winter. If something aches when you move a certain way, that’s a good sign to stop making that motion and to meet with a doctor.

    Burn Injuries

    As snow drifts past our windows, we all love to curl up inside and enjoy a warm beverage or a fire in our stove. While this might be a timeless part of our winter activities, it’s also a source of injuries. We see an increase in the number of burn injuries in winter because people are trying to stay warm. For instance, someone might be boiling some water on the stove to make some tea, and accidentally pour the boiling liquid on their hands. Others might nonchalantly rest their hand on their burning wood stove, forgetting they just put a new log on the fire.

    Be aware of heat sources this winter. Give stoves and fireplaces a wide berth, and be careful when you’re handling hot water or dishes right out of the oven. Should you experience a minor burn, you can treat it with cold water and a little burn relief cream. For more serious burns, it’s best if you come to see us at our medical center.

    Colds, Flu, and Illnesses

    With the cold weather comes cold symptoms. Snuffy noses, puffy eyes, and ragged coughs are all signs that winter has arrived. If your cold or flu symptoms seem to worsen with time, and over-the-counter medications aren’t doing their part in helping, you’ll want to take time to visit our urgent care clinic. In addition to the flu and colds, we see other common illnesses like strep throat during the winter months.

    We encourage everyone to get a flu shot at the beginning of the fall season, but in some cases, that may not be enough. You should be diligent about washing your hands throughout the day, using tissues, and keep hand sanitizer nearby after sneezing. 

    Visit Your Urgent Care Center in Atwood Today

    Rawlins County Health Center is a cornerstone of northwest Kansas. We offer all of the medical services you need to enjoy your life to the fullest. Whether you’ve got a nasty cold or you’re in need of a routine medical checkup, we’re here to help. Schedule an appointment and visit us today.

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  7. Preparing for the Back to School Plague

    Just like that, summer has come and gone and school is about to be back in session. Something that all parents are very familiar with is the back to school plague that comes back every year. If you have little ones going back to school this month, taking every precaution you can to avoid the back to school plague is a must. Keep reading for a few tips from the team at Rawlins County Health Center. 

    Sneezing & Coughing Hygiene

    Over the course of a year, your child is inevitably going to sneeze or cough more than a few times. This is also one of the easiest ways for colds and coughs to get passed around a classroom. For that reason, you should definitely sit down with your child before school starts and go over proper hygiene for when they cough or sneeze. A great way to make sure that they understand is by practicing with them so that they’re fully prepared for when they start school.

    Washing Hands

    There’s no doubt about it, washing hands can drastically affect the likelihood of your child getting sick while at school. Hand washing is another thing that you can spend some time practicing to ensure they know how to thoroughly wash their hands before eating and after playing with other children. This is something that they’re going to need to know how to do for the rest of their life, so ensuring that they know the importance of washing their hands, recognizing when it needs to happen, and are confident in their ability to thoroughly wash their hands is never a bad thing. 

    Wipe Down School Supplies

    There are certain items that your child is going to take to and from school on a regular basis. In most cases, these are the items that they’re going to be using on a regular basis while at school. Whether it’s an item that only they are using or something that they’re sharing with others, taking some time to wipe down their school supplies once a week or every couple of days can definitely help reduce the number of germs that they’re bringing home. 

    Recognize When to Stay Home

    Missing a day of school may seem like a big deal, but sending your child to school when they’re sick can do so much more damage than good. If you notice that your child is showing signs of sickness or they have a fever, call the school and take them out for the day. You can get homework for them or ask the teacher what they missed, but a simple day off can give their body the time it needs to recover and can minimize the chances of the illness spreading.

    Contact Our Team

    Rawlins County Health Center is dedicated to providing the Atwood area with the medical guidance and care that they need. From physical therapy and diagnostic testing to family medicine and emergency care, we have got you covered. Feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns that you may have.

  8. Most Common Injuries That Happen During the Summer

    Summer is in full swing, which means that more and more people are enjoying time outdoors. With the countless things for you to enjoy in Atwood during the summer, it’s not too surprising that there are accidents that happen solely during the summer months that we see here at Rawlins County Health Center. In today’s blog post, we want to tell you a little bit more about some of the most common injuries that we come across in the summer. Let’s dive in. 

    Heat-Related Illnesses

    Temperatures get pretty high during summers in Atwood, but the lack of attention that people have for these high temperatures is often what brings them into our medical center in the first place. From severe dehydration to heat stroke, we see countless people that get carried away with their time outdoors. These are just some of the more severe cases that come with too much time in the sun. 


    Another heat-related industry that comes in a slightly more severe format are burns. Sun burns are definitely one of the many reasons that people make their way to the hospital during the summer. From second-degree sun burns from too much time in the sun to third-degree burns from being too close to the grill or fire pit, we see it all. Our best advice for avoiding these types of accidents is to sit back when dealing with hotter appliances and always, always put sunscreen on when you’re going to be spending time outdoors. 

    Food Poisoning

    When you spend the summer months traveling or attending dinner parties, it’s almost inevitable that you wind up with food poisoning at some point. The beginning stages of food poisoning may not seem so serious, but after hours or days of being sick, severe dehydration can become an issue. If you or someone you know winds up with food poisoning and they start to show signs of severe dehydration, make sure to head to the hospital.

    Broken Bones 

    Now, broken bones are one of the most common reasons that people visit our medical center as is, but during the summer there are countless broken bones that are tied to summer activities. Trampolines, for example, are one of the leading causes to countless broken arms during the summer months. Aside from that, bike riding, rock climbing, and sports related accidents are all leading causes of broken bones that lead people to our facility. 

    Trust Us With Your Injury 

    If you find yourself with an injury this summer, trust the team at Rawlins County Health Center to take care of you. Our team has been dedicated to providing the Rawlins County community with the absolute best care available for years and we are here for you if you when you need it. Whether it’s an x-ray or another diagnostic service to help mend a broken bone or it’s a day in the ER rehydrating, we’ve got you covered. Browse the variety of services that we offer at the Rawlins County Health Center and contact us with any questions you have.