With Thanksgiving a week away and Christmas and New Year’s a month or so away, the holidays have officially arrived. Along with the holidays comes parties, pot-lucks, cold-weather colds, busy shopping malls, and traveling. With all of the commotion of the season and plates of cookies, it can be hard to stay healthy and motivated to make time to exercise and eat right. That’s why Rawlins County Health Center wants to get in ahead of time with some friendly tips on how to stay healthy the next two months.

Our medical center provides cardiac health services, diabetic services, laboratory services, and more. As much as we love treating our patients, we want to keep as many people as healthy as possible during the holidays. So as you’re hopping from family party to office party, keep these tips in mind.

Get in Some Exercise

This is no doubt one of the busiest times of the year, making it hard to fit in the recommended 30 mins of exercise a day. But if you want to avoid the holiday-15, make it point to at least do something every day that involves movement. Take the stairs at work, go for a walk during lunch, take your dog for a walk after work, do jumping-jacks before you get in the shower in the morning — every little bit of exercise can make a big difference at the end of the day.

Keep Eating Your Veggie

When traveling for the holidays or going to parties, healthy fruits and vegetables can be hard to come by. If you know that you’re going to a party that night, eat a satisfying salad for lunch. Toss in some tuna or chicken with avocado, peppers, broccoli, and something sweet like raisins or dried cranberries. For a filling side, grab a handful of almonds. If you’re looking for healthy snacks, try a bag of baby carrots and some hummus. Getting in at least some veggies throughout the day will give your body essential nutrients.

Medical Center AtwoodSleep

It’s easy to think that you can lose a few hours a night or two during the week because of an event, but this will quickly catch up with you. Too little sleep will eventually start affecting your immune system. With a weak immune system, when you are exposed to a virus, it will be harder for your body to fight it off.

Watch For Germs

This is especially important if you are traveling or spending time at other people’s homes. Watch out for door handles, faucets, and watch who you’re shaking hands with. If you happen to catch a cold, be sure to cover your mouth when you cough or sneeze, wash your hands frequently, and don’t feel guilty about having to stay home from an event. Staying home is better than infecting 10 other people.

Eat Before You Go

If you know you’re heading out to a party that will have a table full of fatty and sugary foods, try to get in a healthy meal before you leave. You can still have a little snack or dessert at the party, but you won’t feel like you have to fill up your plate with unhealthy treats.

Medical Center AtwoodWatch What You Drink

If you’re trying to watch your calories this season, keep an eye on what you’re drinking. Many alcoholic drinks are full of calories and then all of a sudden you’re well over your daily calorie budget. Beer, wine, and hard ciders are alcoholic drinks with the highest calories. Liquor like rum and gin are good options when mixed with tonic water or club soda.

Take a Multivitamin

If you truly are on the go and can’t manage to get in some vegetables, at least take a daily multivitamin. It’s a quick and easy way to give your body some nutrients to keep you out of the doctor’s office. Look for one with vitamin C, D, magnesium, zinc, and B-12. But keep in mind, a multivitamin shouldn’t be used as a substitute for healthy living.

The doctors and staff at Rawlins County Health Center want you to enjoy your holidays! But we also hope that we don’t see you at our medical center — no offense. If you are feeling ill or need urgent care, please visit us in Atwood on Grant Street. We take pride in giving our patients the best care year round.

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