Thank you for choosing Rawlins County Health Center as your healthcare provider. We recognize the complexity of hospital billing processes and payment methods and have prepared this document to explain our financial policies to assist you.

Our Payment Policy

Rawlins County Health Center offers payment programs for account balances which are the responsibility of the patient (either from the onset or after insurance(s) have made payment). Individuals are required to pay in full, or make payment arrangements to pay in full, within 30 days.

Payment at Time of Service

Patients are responsible for co-pays and deductibles specific to the service rendered. In most cases, we are contractually obligated to inform you of this responsibility and collect these co-pays at time of service. Therefore, these payments will be requested by a member of our staff or by an Admitting Representative.

For clinic services, if you are uninsured, we will request a minimum payment of $25.00 in advance or at time of service and the balance (or payment arrangements) within 30 days.

For hospital services, if you are uninsured, we will request payment of 10% in advance or at time of service and the balance (or payment arrangements) within 30 days.  

Payment Plans

Because we understand that health care expense is frequently unexpected, RCHC offers a wide variety of payment options, including a financial assistance program. Please feel free to discuss these options with our Financial Services Assistant.  

Your Account Management

Patients are the best advocate for obtaining reimbursement from their insurance company. You can assist us in ensuring accurate billing and payments, reducing your personal financial responsibility by:

  • Notifying the admitting staff that your health insurance coverage has changed.
  • Providing a current copy of your insurance card at the time of service.
  • Be aware of your plans benefits and exclusions. Plans vary widely between employer’s groups and only you, as the insured, know the specific information regarding coverage.
  • Monitor the activity of your insurance company in making payments for services rendered. Your voice has the greatest impact on claim payment and denial.
  • Respond to your insurance company’s inquiries in a timely manner. Most insurers will withhold payment until this information is received.

Please feel free to contact our Financial Services Assistant, or any member of our office staff, with any questions or comments that you have. Our Financial Services Assistant may be reached at 785-626-3211 ext. 2203. 

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS – Regarding payment for services

  • Why am I being asked to pay at the time of service when in the past I have been able to receive a bill from the hospital?

-Changes in policy have been necessary to contend with the rising costs of health care. Paying at the time of service helps us to avoid additional administrative costs, which will save you money.

-Rawlins County Health Center accepts cash, all major credit cards, debit cards, and checks.

  • What if I cannot afford to pay now?

-You can pay 10% now and the remaining balance within 30 days.

-We understand that medical care is often unexpected and therefore wish to extend our patients every possible method of repayment. Our payment plans are outlined on the reverse side of this document.

  • If I have insurance why am I being asked to pay an estimate of my share of cost before you receive payment from my insurance company?

-If your plan has a co-pay for services, providers are contractually required to collect this at the time of service. Deductibles and co-insurance will also need to be paid at the time of service.

  • Will the hospital also bill my insurance company?

-Yes, as a service to our patients, Rawlins County Health Center will submit claims for services to all insurance companies.

  • Will I receive a refund if I overpay my portion?

-Yes, your refund will be processed in a timely manner, following final payment by your insurance company. If you still have a remaining balance, you will receive a statement in the mail indicating the balance due.

  • How do I know if the hospital is contracted with my insurance plan?

-You can check directly with the human resources department of your employer

-You can also contact your insurance plan directly

-You can contact the hospital’s Financial Services Assistant at 785-626-3211 Ext. 2203

  • Can I have services even if Rawlins County Health Center is not contracted with my insurance plan?

-Yes, however you will most likely have a greater share of cost due any time that you receive services from an out of network provider.

  • Why do I need to bring a copy of my insurance card every time I have services?

-Many insurance companies require proof of membership be submitted to them every time a provider bills for service.

-Having your card available also assists us in billing your services accurately.


  • RCHC Deferred Payment Plan: Rawlins County Health Center will accept payments on a monthly basis, based on the total balance due by you and according to the following guidelines.
Account Balance Balance Due   Monthly Payment
$50 and under 30 days Payment in full
$51-$125 90 days 1/3 of total owed
$126-$400 150 days 1/5 of total owed
$401-$500 180 days 1/6 of total owed
Over $500 10% of total owed

Financial Payment Options: Should your financial situation be such that you cannot afford to pay your balance utilizing the above payment plan option, you may qualify to pay your account through our Financial Payment Options. You will be required to submit an offer of payment which you feel is fair and best suits your financial situation, along with a complete financial payment options sheet. The offer will be reviewed and if accepted you will be asked to make payments according to an agreed upon rate.

2. Midland Group: We also offer a referral program for assistance in completing applications for assistance through State and Federal programs.

If you have questions regarding the above payment options, or if you would like to make arrangements to be entered into the above programs, please contact our Financial Services Assistant at 785-626-3211 Ext. 2203.

The department is available for your assistance, Monday-Tuesday and Thursday-Friday 8:00am-5:00pm CST